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40 Winks and a Story to Tell – Don’t forget your pyjama’s!

source missimmylondon

Source missimmyslondon

I am a little bit fantastical at heart, I am easily board and need visual stimulation to spark my interest.  I love it when you can be in a place for hours, even days and can spot something new or intriguing each time you go. So on a hunt of this I wanted to show you somewhere that I found…..

In an unassuming townhouse in London’s East stands a little secret…..well probably not such a well kept secret is a little hotel of fantastical proportions.  So gorgeous, and a playful mile away from the mass produced rooms of the big hotel chains….. I just need to get to london to book myself a place

David Carter - Photo by Matthew Buck

David Carter – Photo by Matthew Buck

The creation, and home, of interior designer David Carter, the idea behind 40Winks was to create a place to stay that feels like a home from home with a cosy kitchen and living room full of character. But with only two rooms (at very reasonable prices on a London Scale), one of which only sleeps one, you need to book in early.

The hotel, is also unsurprisingly home to lots of fashion and celebrity shoots looking for a little playful charm as the backdrop.. it was launched in 2009 to give creative types a place to stay when they are in London whether they are there for work or pleasure.

“The concept is simple. To offer you a ‘home from home’… a place where you can hang your hat or park your suitcase while enjoying a little bit of understated opulence and a large dose of quirky style “

But the best thing of all is Bedtime Stories.  This is an idea that Mr Carter came up with a few years ago.  Up to 30 guests arrive to enjoy cocktails in tea cups and nibbles.  There is a strict code of dress….only PJ’s and nighties and this is strictly enforced with prizes for the most glam….unsurprisingly it has proven to be a huge hit.  The ambiance is introduced by Mr Carter himself before the patrons retire to and relax on cushions whilst being read a story by a professional storyteller…love it. Hopefully Teddy’s are allowed too….

Source - missimmyslondon

Story Telling – Source – missimmyslondon

Now I am off to get my cocoa and slippers…..meanwhile on with the colourful adventure…………

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