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A Very Belated Happy New Year – Let the Adventure Begin

Just before by yellow moon boot got bitten and my horse threw me into a bramble bush…. I think that was then end of my riding career!

I hope that you all had a lovely festive break.  Another year is beginning and as with every year I always raise the glass of bubbles with a few hopes for what the new year may bring.  That said one thing, I have learned after a few new years now ( not going to say how many) is that, that wish for the winning lotto ticket just does not seem to happen, so back to the old mantra of working hard for what you want and not being afraid to put a few ideas into practice, not forgetting to have a little adventure along the way.

One little surprise I received in the post this christmas was a disc containing pictures of my childhood summers spent in Devon with family friends…..The photo’s depicted the adventure of riding down steep hills on the back of a push bike with no breaks, jumping in ponds, camping in the back yard and scaring ourselves whit less with ghost stories, and getting on the back of a horse with the true knowledge that it was going to chew my yellow moon boots and and throw me in a hedge.  Now I am not proposing that we should all try these things, as I am not sure I would bounce back with only a couple of cuts and grazes now, but it did make me think that life can be a little bit serious at times so I think my new years resolution will be to just “go for it” add a little adventure….. (This is also a bit more realistic that giving up chocolate!)

So to help me on my way here are a few reminders of my carefree summers as a kid…. Happy New Year everyone.

Taken Just before Prince Andrew and Fergie’s wedding… I remember it vividly as we spent the whole of the wedding having gravel extracted from our knees and thighs after a little bit of a brake issue “i.e. no breaks”. Oh well better than no teeth I guess!

The intrepid back yard campers…. dressed in 80’s chic, perfect for a night out under the stars!! Not sure what I had in that handbag, I am sure it was full of useful camping things like a compass….. or maybe a lip gloss!

Riding into the sunset…. as you can see I was not trusted with the reigns…. far too reckless obviously!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR – what is your resolution???…… meanwhile on with the colourful adventure.

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