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Beauty is in the eye of the Peacock

File:Head Peacock.jpg
If a man knew anything, he would sit in a corner and be modest; but he is such an ignorant peacock, that he goes bustling up and down, and hits on extraordinary discoveries.” Ralph Waldo Emerson  I remember as a child turning up to stay with my grandmother, carrying all of my toys in an oil cloth print bag from Liberty’s of London. My grandmother would not allow me to bring the bag into the house, not because it was dirty, but because of an old age british superstition that it is unlucky to have a peacock feather in the house… something to do with the representation of the evil eye….!  But this superstition would not appear to be something which has stood the test of time with the boastful bird making it’s way into the home in many different forms, as we see a reimergence of this icon of 70’s style…. Hear are a few of my favourites… which is your favourite…. The Peacock Chair

The Peacock chair came into existence in western interiors during the late 19th century, with the introduction of Rattan from China.  They were mainly used in the garden or porch areas, regaining popularity in the 60’s and 70’s and making a prominent comeback in the twenty tens!!!.

Seline de Maeyer below

Peacock Chair in Fushcia from

Child’s Peacock Chair in Mint –

BOHO CHIC // The Peacock Chair

…or for a more modern take on this design classic….the Peacock chair by Studio Dror (below).

Peacock Chair lounge chair design by Studio Dror 2 Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful   Its Beautiful Lounge Chair from Studio Dror

The Peacock Chair by Studio Dror

Peacock Headboards

From the porch to the bedroom… the peacock headboard….

Peacock headboard –

From the classic of the rattan headboard from the (above) to the more contemporary take of Bohemian Home’s printed bamboo headboard (below)….

Peacock print headboard on bamboo –

Displaying your feathers by other means…..

Florence Broadhurst’s Peacock Feather’s print wallpapers and fabrics from Sydney firm Signature Prints

…or the perfect hand embroidered cushion from Tasmanian embroidery artist Tara Badcock….

Tara Badcock Peacock “Majestic India” Cushion.

…..or…. forget the feathers and take inspiration from the colour…..

source interior

Well taking the words of Emerson I shall continue to be that “ignorant peacock” and hopefully bring you some more extraordinary discoveries as I bustle along and continue my colourful journey……. Just don’t tell my grandma!!!

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