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BIOPHILIC DESIGN | Indoor Plants 🌱 more than just a pretty leaf!

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

One of the many buzzwords in commercial, and residential interiors is Biophilic design. The proof that it helps with mental health and wellbeing have made it very much part of modern design. With the aftermath of COVID-19 biophilic design will no doubt be very much back at the forefront of a design..... with plants shown through a NASA study to help prevent you getting sick, from filtering viruses, toxins and pollutants. Side note here you need a few (one per 10 square meetings) but every little bit helps .... and even better if you are not exactly green fingered a few are hard to kill! .

FERNS AND PALMS - can actually lower the infectiousness of airborne viruses by raiding humidity levels. Where humidity is in excess of 40 percent, research suggests virulence and infectivity of airborne viruses is greatly reduced .


ALOE VERA - Continuously releases oxygen at night time, so great for bedrooms. And also absorbs chemicals such as benzine found in plastics and detergents.

ARECA PALM - this plant releases moisture into the air so is supposedly great for sinus allergy and colds.

PEACE LILY - improves air quality by 60 percent by cleansing it.. it also has a fantastic root system which absorbs mould which it has a little snack on.

ENGLISH IVY - an American college specialising I allergy and asthma found this plant removed nearly 80 percent of mould in just under 12 hours....

SPIDER PLANTS - Estimated to remove 90 percent of toxins in 48 hours, and is especially good for those who suffer with dust allergies. .

. .

☝🏻Just be aware some are poisonous to pets! So make sure you do your research .


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