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Bringing the outside In – There is science in styling!!

Melbourne Stylist Indoor Garden - Heather Nette King

When you probe an interior stylist about the difference between a “stylist” and a “decorator”, a Stylist would generally say that they are there to finish off the work of a decorator, to warm up the space and give it a personality.  Effectively placing and introducing objects to make a space inviting, so that a house becomes a home or a business becomes a statement.

One of the tools of the trade for stylists is the introduction of flora and fauna to an indoor space to bring the feelings of the outdoors….. indoors. Just as we like to relax in a beautiful garden, bringing the elements of the outdoors inside helps us to relax indoors too. Recent studies by University of Technology Sydney professor Margaret Burchett have discovered that indoor air is, in some cases, more polluted than the outdoor air.  The study suggests that by adding a few indoor plants to your home or office assists in filtering out the toxins from the air that are given off from carpet, furniture, paint and even (yes girls) cosmetics. They suggest that just one little plant per room can help purify the air. It is this purification of the air that helps us to feel more relaxed, quite simply because we are breathing in better air.

So to you who say the stylist just fluffs cushions…. eat your words…. whether it be by accident or well informed research there is a little science behind all the fluffing!

From commercial space through to interiors and up – cycling, the indoor plant is a prominent styling tool.  I have included some of my favourites below:

Jamo Associates – Cinderella Forest cafe

Jamo associates based in Japan come from diverse backgrounds such as music, dance and graphic design. In 2003 Jamo started a type of collaborative work it calls “Jamo projects”, in which the office’s architecture and styling teams work together on interior design projects. Cinderella Forest cafe is one such project which brings the outside in.

The Winery –  Surry Hills

The interior design at The Winery in Sydney’s Surry Hills is a collaboration between the three owners of the Keystone Hospitality Group, made up of a former builder, interior designer and interior stylist.  Inspiration came from a trip to the Lan Club in Beijing with the team sourcing many items from auctions and customising the rest and mixing it up with a little foilage on the way. (images sourced from

the winery, surry hills
the winery, surry hills

Or for the Home…………

You can bring a little of the garden into your own home, it can be in the form of a few small or a big statement plant.  But there is no excuse to say you don’t have an outdoor garden, just bring the garden inside.

You can go for the more “free flowing” look above, or a more coordinated minimalist look, bringing the outside in doesn’t have to mean that the house needs to be over run with plants, or look like an unkept garden.

Don’t forget the bedroom (source

And for the creative cooks in search of the perfect indoor herb garden why not style up with herbs in the kitchen. Why not upcycle an old muffin tin (source

Inside Outside

And finally… for those who would prefer why not take the inside…. well…. outside. as in the work of Ditte Isager a Danish photographer born in Denmark, living in New York but bringing in his Nordic style.  I love it.

Or a bath under the stars….

sweethomestyle: (via stellar87)

I will leave you on that thought…. on with the colourful journey…………..

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