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Bubblegum Retro

A little bit of fun for Friday. With October being the month for breast cancer awareness, pink seems to be everywhere, which is a good thing.  Perhaps it is the pink coupled together with watching an old Greece movie (and knowing all the words to “Beauty School Drop Out” the other day that made this place catch my attention.  The Powder Room in East London is a time machine which transports you back to the glamour of the 50’s, although I think that their techniques and tools are more in line with modern times (no ironing hair between two sheets of newspaper on an ironing board!)

The founder of the Powder Room, Katie Reynolds started her pampering empire with an at home retro pampering service in 2005 which enabled you to call on the service of the aptly named Powderpuff Girls, this has now grown to two salons in Columbia Road and Soho London….(and an online store for those not in the area!)…. so obviously no beauty school drop outs here.

This is not your ordinary salon, it fully projects the style that it promotes with candy floss power puff inspired stools, mirrored counter tops, retro prints and packaging and uniforms reminiscent of the 50’s era.  So for this girls who still like to play a little bit of dress up….

Services include a “make him look twice” makeup package or the perfect coiffed updo, as well as how too classes.  tea and cakes are also thrown in the mix, with cocktails being served in tea cups for this who want to get the party started early….. Have a great weekend…. meanwhile on with the colourful journey.

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