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Cardboard Creativity – Noëlle Rigaudie

When I started my blog I did not quite know where it would take me, I just knew there would be an adventure and I just had to allow it to flow organically.  No rules…. I just wanted a place to keep all those inspirations in one neat location.  Having never been in the blogosphere before (except for when you decide to check your medical condition and wish you had not because the diagnosis you stumble on indicates you should be six foot under!), I did not expect the added bonus of being inspired by those who pop into my blog to say hello.  Equally, however it has created an even greater curiosity in things around me that I would have probably walked past and not even thought about.

One such example being a night out at a local venue in Sydney’s Surrey Hills called The Beresford.  A music and drinking establishment styled and designed by Sibella Court.  Upon the wall was a beautiful ornate picture  frame which had been hand made entirely of cardboard.  My curiosity won out and I wanted to find out a little more.

These works are the amazing creation of Sydney based designer and sculptor Noëlle Rigaudie.

Noëlle Rigaudie

Originally from Avignon in France, the Sydney based designer ad sculptor recycles (or should I say Up-Cycles) the humble cardboard box to create picture frames and other homewares.  Noëlle Rigaudie was introduced to this medium by one of her friend who showed her how to make a simple picture frame which has certainly evolved into something a little bit more sophisticated, and very reminiscent of her French cultural routes, with the French Rococco style.

Table from Anthropologie by Noëlle Rigaudie

Candlestick from Anthropologie by Noëlle Rigaudie

Much of Noëlle’s work is sold in the US store Anthropologie, and a couple of years ago her work was used in an installation in New York’s Anthropologie, styled by Sydney stylist Sibella Court.  The installation included many Australian designers and creative talents and was based on the theme “Into the Lighthouse”, taking us back to the 1900’s and the Australian shipwreck coast.  I just love the little pot belly stove below.

Pot Belly Stove from the Anthropologie Installation Into the Lighthouse

Installation at Anthropologie – “Into the Light House” Styled by Sibella Court.

I will never look at a humble cardboard box in quite the same way.

On with the colourful journey………….

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