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Collage, Tea Leaves and Sherlock Holmes – Ali Miller

Yes it is no secret I love a good cuppa, and a good success story and Ali Miller has both… OK maybe I cannot attest to her tea making skills, but the teapots she creates to brew your favourite cup of rosie lea have my vote…

London based artist Ali Miller quite simply states that her personal experiences and family history are her inspiration.  Ali sources materials and patterns which relate back to these memories, creating collages which are in themselves the source of inspiration to give a little flair to the humble teapot, ceramics and tea towels to name but a few.


One of the big influences for Ali was the dominance of WIlliam Morris wallpapers in her childhood homes. The presence of this dominant figure of the Arts and Crafts movement can be seen in Ali’s work, such as the screen print and collage on William Morris paper below.

Ali Miller, Fun Ride (above), Band Lady (below )

Tea Towels

Many of these designs have been turned into quirky tea towels….left to right “London Always an Adventure Tea Towel”… “Home UK Map Tea Towel”…”Hard Day’s Work Tea Towel”. The perfect way to add a little whimsy to your washing up….

China fit for Sherlock Holmes

Perhaps more concerned about his arch nemesis coming around for a spot of Tea, little did Sherlock realise that a simple cup of tea could lead to a teapot (the UK and Ireland Map teapot to be precise), which Ali had been selling for a year on her online store, selling out by the end of the evening…. Who would have thought that Sherlock and a tea pot could have the same effect as Kate Middleton and a high street dress!!…. but I just love this story…. you just never know!!!

Ali Miller's tea set in Sherlock

…so here are a few more of Ali’s designs to make your afternoon cuppa a little more special…. let me know what you think…

Image of Ali Miller - Always an adventure cup & saucer

 … I have to go and put the kettle on…. on with the colourful journey….

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