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Copper it up – Interiors with a metallic twist


There are a couple of themes which are running through the world of interiors (and fashion come to think of it!) for 2013, one being the colour of emerald green which was crowned Pantone colour of the year for 2013.  Another being pastels with a modern geometric twist …oh …and a little bit of floral!!  We could be forgiven for thinking it has all gone back to the eighties…fortunately not!!

One of the other trends for the year has to be the perfect compliment to these, being the metallic allure of copper… Whether you are looking for a luxurious accent, or something with a bit of industrial edge, then copper may be the perfect solution.  Unfortunately, in it’s raw form it is a pretty scarce commodity and has a pretty high cost to it, but there are plenty of products on the market which mimic the copper allure…. or if you are lucky enough to have some old disused piping lying around then there are some great ideas below.

Going all out copper

If a hint of copper is not your thing then you could go all out with some of the veneers and metal effects on the market to create something a little like the kitchen below…. or if money is no object for your opulent mansion then how about a copper bath to soak away your worries!


Subtle touch

If the all out copper bling is not your thing then bring forth the trusty accent, which lets face it is easily updated when….. well copper is no longer the latest thing……



pinterest small touch in a simple bathroom


And if Repurpose is your thing….


copper pinterest_5


Just mixing it up with colour…..

Complimenting blues


…or giving drama to the darks…..

Where would you use copper?….meanwhile I am going to get on my little copper bike and carry on with the colourful adventure……


Bike by Van Heesh Design

all pictures sourced from Pinterest unless otherwise stated

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