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“Cor Blimey Gov” – It’s the Queens Jubilee

(source House of Holland UK – Tea Towel)

Well the Brits will be enjoying a nice long weekend to celebrate the Queen’s sixtieth year on the throne. To help them along many of the london designers have put together a great range of fun and kooky memorabilia to clutter up the kitchen….. so I thought I would share a couple. P.S I cannot promise that my post will not contain some very bad cockney rhyming slang…but just humour me!!

 Firstly we have the “Pretty Women” moment tea towel above from the House of Holland, I possibly could not say that I am “THAT” excited, but I am sure that someone would be.

‘Av’ a Cup Of Rosy Lea”

No Jubilee would be complete with out a truly british cuppa, and well if you cannot be there to personally raise your pinky and nibble on a choccy Hob Nob with the lady of the moment, then how about sharing it with the next best thing from Emma Bridgeport.

You Either Love It Or You Hate It

Well as Vegimite is to the Aussies as “Marmite” is to the Brits, the jubilee would not be complete without a special edition jar dedicated to Her Majesty…. Helping her to put on a right Royal spread (yep the puns are getting bad!)….

And for those of you who like a little marmite on your soldiers…. keep your boiled egg warm with a celebratory egg cosy from Emma Bridgeport….

Which leads me to my favourite little Jubilee gift, for under a tenner… Yes you can dunk your own little perfectly cut soldiers with this egg cup and soldiers cutter set….”Lubbly Jubbly”!!!

Soldier Egg Cup and Toast Cutter

Are You Sitting Comfortably

Now I am not sure whether you could be sent to the Tower for sitting on the Queen so I will watch what I say here….. so here is a “rather delightful” cushion from Francois Clerc

For all you Corgi Lovers out there….

Don’t forget the dog….. or cat if they are game enough to eat out of these personalised dog bowls….

Or for the owner… these Ted Baker cufflinks

 …Or for the corgi loving Majesty with everything….. How about this decanter and glasses from Asprey in the UK…if money is no object m’lady….

Call in the lady in Waiting…..

No Jubilee would be complete without the Britania wardrobe….. So how about these Vivienne Westwoodesque “Rule Britannia Tights” from House of Holland….

If you prefer a bit of the real Vivienne Westwood then you could go all out with her special collection…. and I have to say I LOVE this dress…. ( which I would probably wear without the tights!!)

And finally…. you would not be complete without a little scarf “70’s punk influence of course”….. such as this Age Of Reason Union Jack design scarf featuring their signature punk pug in regal costume and the phrase “God Save the Queen”. Framed by giant safety pins. Tie it to your wrist, wear in your hair, or just wave it jauntily as Her Majesty goes by.

However you celebrate the jubilee wishing you a “Right Royal Knees Up!”………

……On with the colourful journey……

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