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Crystal Clear Lighting – Lee Broom

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If you are ever having trouble finding the perfect lampshade then UK Interior product designer may have just the answer.  In collaboration with the sole remaining English full lead crystal company in the UK, Cumbria Crystal, Lee Broom has created these crystal bulbs which are, by design, all you need!

I love the fact that they can be hung as a single unit or in a cluster to create an amazing effect.  The light fitting and flex and ceiling rose are all designed to be in keeping with the crystal bulb that they support. This design has also received a nomination for the 2012 Elle Decoration British Design Awards

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For those of you who have a few old decanters lying around the place collecting a little dust, then you might want to take a leaf of inspiration from Lee ( or indeed let him do all the work), and get creative up cycling your lighting.

Lee Broom Decanterlight 10

So raise a decanter and let me know what you think…. meanwhile on with the colourful journey.

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