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Cubist Inspiration – Picasso meets Fashion

1257 pic

One of my favourite periods with respect to artistic movements, was that of the Cubist era.  Artists such as George Braque and Picasso.  Never having been one for a Landscape oil, or painting of the Mona Lisa, I loved the idea of Cubism which argued that painting in the two dimensional does not show you the whole aspect of the object, so bringing you verious angles to the front of the canvas…but that is enough of my very very rusty art history lesson….and I will hand over to show you the photography of Eugenio Recuenco, who has taken some of Picasso’s “ladies”paintings and used these as inspiration for a pretty interesting fashion shoot.







If you have a little time then check out Eugenio’s website, there are some amazing shoots on there… I love this shot….


I love it when someone takes an inspiration of another era and brings it into the modern day with a whole new twist and excitement… let me know your thoughts….. meanwhile on with the colourful journey….

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