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Danish Style – Bringing Warmth a Cool Colour Palette

Host 4

The grey palette is ever increasing in popularity as the colour scheme of the moment, however it is tricky to make greys, which can be quite “cold”, invite you with warmth.  I am loving the Danish restaurant “Host” which was designed by Danish interior design company Norm.  They describe their style so eloquently

“Norm was responsible for the interior design of Höst. [Norm] has created an organic environment in an urban setting. Guests enter into a warm and inviting space and are met with the unmistakable sense of Scandinavian cosiness, while everything is also a bit weathered. Materials that age gracefully are in focus – recycled wood that has washed up on the west coast, granite in uneven pieces, concrete with clear structures and deviations, old cast iron and dented zinc. All of this is offset by a warm trickling light, soft wool rugs and lambskin.”

I just want to get there and snuggle right in!  I am also in love with their collection of dinnerware which was designed in collaboration with Danish design house Menu.  The following photos are a collaboration of Danish design blogger Emma Fexeus and Norm architect / photographer Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen.

Host 1

Host 2

Host 3

HOst 5

Host 6

Host 8

Host 9




Let me know what you think….meanwhile on with the colourful adventure…..

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