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Dedicated follower of fashion – Lacing the interior

It is fair to say that interior style is generally a dedicated follower of fashion.  Trends that materialise on the catwalk are generally taken as inspiration for the home, whether it be the whole theme, texture, colour or a couple of accent or signature pieces.

Reading the fashion magazines of the moment the big item is lace, from clothing to fingernails (yes you heard me correctly OPI have a lesson in creating lace covered nails), not my thing although on a practical side they would help stop your nails break!

OPI Lace nail

Emilio Pucci - Lace Dress Spring 2012 collection

Moving swiftly from the catwalk, and before you cut up your Gran’s best lace curtains,  here are some of my faves from the world of interiors:

Doreen Westphal – Concrete Lace

I especially love designers who take the inspiration a little bit further and create something that is that little bit unique.  Once such designer is Doreen Westphal, East German by birth, Doreen Westphal trained as a tailor before moving to London to study theatre design after the Berlin Wall came down.  Now settled in the Netherlands Westphal has created some amazing handmade pieces. Once of her ranges are these stunning concrete lace suspensions, which uses fine steel cable or ribbon suspensions that are cast into the concrete. What do you think?

Laura Marsden

Selection of cushions

Laura Marsden is a British textile designer with a social conscience.  During her MA Laura developed a way to recycle discarded plastic bags to become home and fashion accessories.   The technique which Laura names as “Eternal lace” uses a combination of hand-stitch and needle lace-making techniques combined with various processes to change the properties and appearance of the plastic bags.  All of Laura’s work is hand made and one off.


For those Sydneysiders – Laura has been selected as a finalist,  International Lace Award, Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, Australia – you can read more about this exhibition at the following fab Sydney blog “This Sydney Life”.

And for a little lace accessory

Have You Met Miss Jones

Based in Sydney, originally specializing in white bone china Have you met Miss Jones has expanded to include clay pottery, capiz shell, metal and woodwork. The metal lace work votives and beakers below are an inexpensive and subtle way to add a hint of lace.  There also loads of other cute pieces, so the online store is well worth a visit.

Charlene Mullen

From her training in both illustration, print and  an established career in the fashion industry, UK designer Charlene Mullen creates heartfelt textiles for the home and commercial space.  Inspired by Folk and cottage industry style Charlene has some quirky and beautiful designs.

lace bird pillow - source

Charlene Mullen Throw - source

OK…OK…. this is not strictly lace but I could not resist (isn’t it cute?)…. On with the colourful journey

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