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Portobello Markets london – source “Birdcage Design”

Well for those of you who have been hanging out for your daily dose from the Birdcage…..(hopefully there are a couple!!) then I can now say, all for a little bit of jet lag ( so please excuse any typo’s) the bird is back!!!

Where have I been?? Well I have a little confession to make, there are some who are addicted to fine handbags and the latest fashions, others who are addicted to coffee or “Seinfeld”.  Well my name is Emma and I am addicted to “Travel”!!

It is not to say that I am not into fashion, to the contrary I love clothes shopping, but if someone where to give me choice of a Hermes Handbag or a trip to  new part of the globe…. well I am afraid I would have to pull out my battered old case and get on that plane!! Unfortunately this was not a choice in this particular instance, and I rather think that when the credit card bills start rolling in the Hermes bag may have been the cheaper option, but the beauty of travel (this is where I get all philosophical) is that so much more comes from it influences, styles, trends, cultures and experiences that you can hold forever! …. Ultimately the best thing is that I can re live it all through my blog… yay! So my friends… for the next few weeks I will be inflicting you with my travels (Birdcage style) to London, Devon, Sicily, Sardina and Rome…..  Here is a little taster…..

Salcombe – Devon – source “Birdcage Design”

Taormina Sicily – Source Birdcage Design

one caveat I will put in is that a few of my jeans are a little tight around the waist  – so there will be a little bit on the food indulgence too – well I was in Italy!!!

Palermo Markets Sicily – Source Birdcage Design

Costa Smerelda Sardinia – Source Birdcage Design

 oh….and OK when in Rome one must do what the Romans do…so whilst I did visit the Pope…. although he was a little tied up…. and I did venture into the world of the Gladiator….. it would have been a little rude not to do a “ickle” bit of shopping now would it not!!!

Rome Purchase – Source “Birdcage Design”

Good to be back….. On with the colourful journey!!!

P.S Hermes… any bags you happen to not want will be greatly accepted…..

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