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Divine Inspiration from the Vatican

I thought I would share a little ray of sunshine with you today…  I promise you that this is not going to be a history lesson… partly because I would probably get it horribly wrong (I am always a little bad at retaining the facts!), but also because this blog is more about colour, design and inspiration, and being someone who loves the visual I wanted to file away some of the beautiful colours, textures that I saw.

Step one (as anyone writing a blog will know) is praying for a little divine intervention in the world of my inspiration…. and yes if ever anyone would like their home painted like the Sistine Chapel or the Vatican Church….. umm well…. I will see what I can do, but are you sure you would not like a nice Dulux Hogsbristle Quarter strength throughout???

Me praying for a little divine inspiration – Source Birdcage Design

So enough written, here are a few textures and inspirations that one day may showcase in the “House of Birdcage” Designer collection…. ok…ok…. maybe I am asking a little bit too much from the Big Man…. but hey don’t ask, don’t get so it is worth a try!!!

Mosaics and flooring….

Every inch of these buildings has some form of intricate design work and a story to tell, the issue being with an average of 80,000 people looking round a day it is a little hard to get to fully appreciate everything for long….

…with such vivid colours still shining through….

Doors and Ceilings

Not an inch of space is not considered….. from doors to ceilings to alcoves, each fighting for a spot to tell their story…

Guilded carved door panel – Source Birdcage Design

Showing my true colour geek side,… i just love the contrast of the raspberry colour against the Bronze…. they sure know how to showcase their treasures…

No Natural White Dulux on the ceilings here!!….

My Favourite had to be the little Bee mural as you walk into the Vatican Crypt….(below)

Well I hope you enjoyed my divine intervention…. I will leave you with a Pope’s eye view….. and on with the colourful journey………

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