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“Drink Shop and Do” – Multi tasking at it’s best

source Natasha Bailie vintage clothing

Why should kids have all the fun.  If you like the idea of multitasking to show all of your talents…. well perhaps just three specific talents, the ability to drink, shop and make something at the same time then….. provided you are in London…. I have the perfect little spot for you.  This little quirky shop come cafe come craft store does just as it says on the label…. “Drink, Shop and DO!!…..

Kristie and Coralie, who were friends from school days had a couple of dreams that, one spring day they decided to put together and…. well…. “Drink Shop and Do” is a result of those dreams….

“Kristie wanted to have a place where everything was pretty and all those pretty things were for sale. Where you could have tea, cake, crumpets or cocktails whilst playing scrabble and above all an old fashioned sweet shop!

Coralie wanted a shop full of beautiful things from local designers but not a stuffy one where you couldn’t touch anything. One where people could have a drink and a laugh and maybe do a bit of colouring in or something vaguely crafty. Dreams combined; we opened the ‘Christmas Cooler’ as a Pop-up, and 7 months later we have ‘Drink, Shop & Do’.”

The girls class their shop as a design shop and café bar selling products from emerging designers alongside vintage furniture and home wares. And everything is on sale from the vintage furniture, designer crafts, vintage tea sets, 1950’s dressers and unusual tables and chairs, to hand-made cakes, ice creams, specialty teas, kitsch finger sandwiches, bottled beers and cocktails.

They are open for lunch, afternoon tea and “Cocktail O’Clock”, with a vast array of things to “do” like lego robots, play with clay or flying origami.  They also have weekly events such as Amy Winehouse clay sculpture competition, Olympic Hula Hoops, rude scrabble, how to do Vintage makeup and undo’s and Papier Mache Monster Mash.  All this with a weekly lunchtime disco ( just click on the Do tab of their website for the weekly timetable)……

  With so much gloom and doom in the world I love it when someone brings a spark of fun into life…..

Source mengseldesignblogspot

Source mengseldesignblogspot

soure mengseldesignblogspot

On with the colourful journey………..

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