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Embossed Beauty – Bethany Linz

Sydney based artist, designer and illustrator Bethany Linz has a pretty impressive CV.  Moving to Sydney to design for the prestigious Mokum textiles in 2006, where she travelled around the world to present collections, and worked with the Oscar winning costume and production designer Catherine Martin, you could say she has a pretty good pedigree in the world of design.

Bethany has now left Mokum textiles to pursue her fine arts talent full time, with her collection of embossed paper artwork taking centre stage.  All of them are diligently hand drawn, carved, pressed and then painted, although may are left without the addition of colour just sing the natural light an shade of the embossing to show their beauty…

“My embossings, drawings and paintings also show my love for design, unfortunately today design is so often turned into flat non tactile and computer generated works”

Let me know which is your favourite…. For those of you in Sydney Bethany’s work is currently being exhibited… the details are below.

meanwhile…..on with the colourful journey…..

(all images sourced from Bethany’s website)

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