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Etching to Up-Cycle – Jo Gibbs

Motivated by a concern about the lack of sustainability in relation to the production of new fabrics, Jo Gibbs takes other peoples trash and transforms them into a new “laced” treasure.

Coming from a background in textile design London born Jo Gibbs’, the inspiration of the delicate fabrics used in the fashion industry is evident in her finished products, which one could describe as “up-laced”.  As a result of a fascination with etching and masking Jo Gibbs, through her company “Up”, has developed a process called “Netching”.  This process allows her to transfer lace patterns on to surfaces of things which would otherwise hit the landfill, breathing new life into the discarded.

Jo has used the process on objects such as slate, wood and metal to name but a few, making what would ordinarily be a heavy based material that little bit softer.

This process and, passion for the sustainability of her product, has meant that Gibbs has been listed as one of Kevin Mcleod’s top ten “Green Heroes” at the Grand Designs Live show in London (Running from 5 – 13 May 2012).

Some of her creations are below, my favourite is the slate… how about you?  It is amazing to see something that would otherwise be discarded brought back to life.





On with the colourful journey…………..

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