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Fairytale Lighting

I love lighting and, as I try a while away the winter blues and think about summer, I wanted to have a look at lighting to enjoy the summer once the sun has gone down for the day. I found some great ideas which, while I may have to limit the spend, I thought I would file away for that… well you never know when you might need them… kind of day…! There is a little bit of a eclectic mix here…. but hopefully there is something to suit every occasion…..

Who said romance was dead….

The “ice queen” chandelier is designed by Young & Battaglia, and is the perfect portable romantic lighting for those die hard romantics, or for a girls night out under the stars…. it is even shower proof if your oysters and pavlova can last through a light drizzle of rain! It can be hung from trees or any garden structure….Such a great idea. Available from UK store Rocket St George

Long gone are those days of having to work out which of the damn bulbs on the christmas tree lights had blown  before the rest of the series connection would work…. yes that was my job wasn’t I so lucky…. now thank god my fear of the string of lights has been laid to rest with the update in technology from the 80’s and with it has come some amazing fairy lights that are not just for christmas, but perfect for jazzing up a children’s room, and adults room or adding a little extra to a dinner party…. Here are some of my favourites….

Middle Eastern Charm

These Morrocan themed lights would look good in the bedroom or around a table set for a Morrocan banquet…. or beans on toast will do if your inner Nigella is not really showing herself!

Maroq – Decorative Light Chain –

Kasbah Light Chain –

Childs play

For children and adults alike I love these fun little lights – a relatively cheap way to add a little talking piece to a child’s room, baby shower or birthday party… but who says you need to have kids to enjoy these….

These handmade dolly light strings are fun and perfect for little (or big) Miss…

Hand Made Dolly String Lights –

True Aussie BBQ

I will leave you with these Havaiana Gummy light strings…. perfect for a little light (excuse the pun) talking point….no Aussie BBQ would be complete without them!…

Hope you enjoyed…..On with the colourful journey…..

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