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Feathered Nests and Marigolds

The Inspiration

Murobond Paints Inspiration Box

In preparation for 2012, Murobond Paints (a boutique paint company based in North Sydney) put forward a magic box of inspiration for us to use to come up with a palette of colours for 2012.  We were required to use this inspiration to produce and collage, from which we were to derive a palette of twelve colours.  The palette needed to have a name and a story……and here is my submission.

The Collage and The Story

Feathered Nests and Marigolds - Submission

“Feathered Nests & Marigolds”

“As a child I would take a little box and fill it with “treasure”.   Pebbles, shells, buttons, feathers, flowers and seeds.  Perhaps worthless in value, but priceless in the innocent fun I had collecting.  I would imagine that the buttons were jewels, the feathers….. well perhaps a quill used by nobility, or themselves an object holding the stories of many a continent that it’s owner had flown to.

What to do with my treasure?  Do I bury it for future pirates to find, and mark the spot with an “X” of twigs.  Do I decorate a mudpie to serve up to the fairies at the bottom of the garden?  The possibilities are endless….

Back to the feathers my attention turns to the bird singing in the tree, maybe this feather belongs to him… He seems not to care as he turns his attention to creating a home out of carefully selected twigs and leaves, whilst softening the nest with bedding of moss and downy feathers plucked from his chest. He is surveying the view from his new home glowing from the reflection of the golden Marigolds beneath him. Perhaps he is in search for something a little special to make his families feathered nest….. just that little bit more special.

The palette, while simple evokes this collector instinct.  Whether a collector of memories, objects of the past, or a shell from the beach.  Whether a sentimental hoarder of grandma’s recipes (ideally a progression on the mudpie), Feathered Nests and Marigolds, nature will help you show case them all as nature in all her surrounds does so every day….. enjoy the inner collector instinct in you.”

Feathered Nests and Marigolds

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