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Fish and Chips, Winking Prawns and Beach House Chic

Ok so the beaches in the UK are not exactly like the fair Australian or Mediterranean shores, but skimming over that little point, they do have their own certain charm… whether it be the image of the 1950’s postcards with the rather rotund sunburnt caricatures with knotted hankies on top of their heads, or the romantic brisk walk on a cold morning walking the labrador hopping over the driftwood and picking up shells.

Along with the seaside towns comes one of the national dishes, good ol’ fish and chips best served in the paper it is wrapped (with a good sprinkle of Sarsons vinegar).  Possibly washed down with a can of Vimto, a couple of jellied eels (if you are game!) or a pot of cockles with a big wedge of bread thickly spread with butter (weight watchers delight!).

It would seem that the seaside tradition, whilst nothing new, continues to inspire and generate new and fun places inspired by all that the seaside and it’s nostalgia has to offer. Here are few of my favourites which also offer a good selection of food for your curiosity! –


The Beach House Devon

The Beach House is a distinctly laid back establishment with a surf shack vibe. it over looks the beach at at South Milton it serves from brekkie through to dinner, effortlessly changing it’s ambience depending on whether you want a casual breakfast, a relaxed seafood chow down for lunch or a slightly more upmarket version of a Beach house for dinner with big sharing plates of lobsters and fruits de la mer. All that and you are a hop and a skip from the beach, fabtastic!

I love all of the old recycled wood and little touches like the buckets and spades and the industrial lighting…. so simple and effective…..

source his&her scene

I must remember to go back and try these mussels…… yum!

source boathousedevon

The Winking Prawn

Well if you are not hungry yet, another great place to fill the tummy is a little fun family place called The Winking Prawn in Salcombe.  Where Buckets of prawns and crispy rolls with lashings of butter can be found – if you are travelling to Devon and you have an army of kids (big and small) this is one place not to be missed.

Source ErasmusT

Overlooking the estuary you can take a brisk walk on the little beach across the way before stopping at their ice-cream van (aptly called “Just One Prawnetto”), then a photo opportunity with the prawn cut outs that you can stick your head through…. followed by a dress up box so you can settle down to your mussels and a bottle of vino dressed as whatever character you like…. how much fun in one place!!

The Fish Shop – Potts Point Sydney

Now there is usually that huge feeling of being a little blue when you return from a holiday, the dread of getting back to the grindstone and no longer having someone make your bed and pick up your bath towels, so imagine my joy at a new restaurant opening in Sydney that meant I could imagine I was back by the seaside.

Merivale Group have The Fish Shop restaurant in Potts Point in Sydney’s East which takes the seaside charm, adds a sprinkle of that Sarsons vinegar and wraps it all up in a little news paper for your eating, visual and sensual pleasure (obviously I have been reading far too much Fifty Shades of Gray here!!)

It is a great spot for a casual plate of school prawns and the catch of the day…. oh and cockles in vinegar for nibbles! Once again the designer Sibella Court has taken a look at the history, traditions and ambience of the seaside and the fisherman lifestyle, and put them all into one spot making your dining experience more than just the food… I love it… and even the cold wet weather (just like my trip to Devon) came to play!

With all of these places the style and little touches show that there is a huge difference between decorating and styling, adding those small quirky touches makes all the difference to your experience – and while the food does count – more and moreI think a place sticks in someones mind if it has that little bit of something else!

Hopefully I have not made you too hungry….. on with the colourful journey…..

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