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“Five Gold Rings” – The Icing on The Cake


Now this is not technically 5 gold rings…. more like one iced fruitcake circle really, but what is a couple of gold rings between posts!

Well having made the cake, and still being inspired by my Heineken cake effort, I thought I would take the plunge and have a go at icing the christmas cake so that I can check another thing off the Christmas preparation todo list. Now the biggest decision to make was whether to go plain or novelty….. following the KISS theory, and for the sake of my sanity, I decided to Keep It Simple Sweetheart!  So duvet with holly on top here we come!.

The finished product above.

The starting point….. Followed by the icing… very impressed with my smoothing skills!!

Still not sure how I am going to decorate…so to stall…. I know just add a ribbon….

…OK lets get the ruler and pizza cutter out and draw up the lines….

….use tiny tooth tool to make it look like stitching…. Gosh I am getting very advances now!!!

…Add a sprig of Holly and Voila….. Now where can I find some Geese a’ Layin???

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