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Flea Market Storage

One thing everyone seems to complain about is that they never have enough storage. Possibly because we hate to throw out things – as you never know when the safari suit will come back in to fashion, or we will need to look at that December 1984 issue of Homes and Gardens magazine.

Pack your cases

Inspired by a little clip about  Ki Nassauer,  a “junk entrepreneur”, and her suitcase shelving below, I thought I would look at some fun ways to create storage using my favourite word of 2011 and 2012 “Upcycle”…..

Vintage luggage transformed into shelves by Ki Nassauer

Ki has taken the front part off of some vintage cases and reinforced the back with a plank of wood which she has attached to the wall to create a whimsical shelving solution….

…if your paper work is getting out of control, and your suitcases are getting too heavy for the airline weight restrictions, then how about repurposing them as a filing system…


…or a suitcase cabinet…


Blake Sloane – source apartmenttherapy

Crating New Space!

Using old wooden crates, or plastic ones for that modern look, you can create a little boxed shelve or three to house your favourite treasures.  You can even line them with your favourite wallpaper or print to add a little personal touch.

Source pinterest


apartmenttherapy – crate shelving

….or add a few casters for a moveable storage unit…

…Stacked palettes below also create the perfect storage solution for storing wine or plates….

Make room for the Kindle

For those of you who still harbour your book collection, how about these ideas for storing your copies of 50 Shades of Gray or Mills and Boon….

How about this idea from Shelterness, as the perfect way to use those ancient television receptacles!!, admittedly they are not for everyone, but could be quirky in a boys bedroom!

…or a little cart to carry your Enid Blytons…


or a dual purpose for this unsightly pipes….


Photo’s and Momento’s

Forget the fridge and cork board, how about using an old shutter to store your letters and mementos….



…or using vintage bottles for photo frames ….



Unwanted Toys….

Have you ever wondered what to do with your daughters dolls house when she becomes more interested in One Direction and Justin Beiber….OMG!… I love this idea of using it as a whimsical storage idea…. perfect for a boutique hotel perhaps?

or when the skateboard gets traded in for a motor.. or upgraded?….


And don’t forget the jam jar….

And for this small little storage solutions, don’t through out the pasta sauce and jam jars…… no doubt taking inspiration from the designer Alessi range of storage jars, these jars simply have a plastic toy attached and painted to match the lid, and hey presto….

…or how about the under utilised underside of shelves.  Just secure the lids and screw the jars into place for a secure storage solution… an oldie but a goodie..

…I could go on…. but now over to you, which is your favourite?

And as for me… on with the colourful journey………

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