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Flockhart – The inspiration of Grandparents


Have you noticed that whenever you watch a talent show on TV, the acts that grab the most attention generally have a story to tell, a history and reason as to how they were inspired to push forward with their talents and ideas.  Well this is not exactly a post on “The Voice”, but I tend to find that I get drawn to designs or objects which have a little bit of a story, or history attached – giving it a little bit more soul and heart.


Eileen Flockart and George Kennethson

One such story is the revival of a Flockhart Fabrics in the UK.  Flockhart was created by the painter Eileen Guthrie in the 1930s. Eileen took inspiration from the nature of Northamptonshire, Dorset and Berkshire that she and her husband sculptor George Kennethson so loved.  They hand printed their designs from lino blocks and silk screens which still exist today, along with many beautiful original pieces of fabric.


Eileen’s Sketches


Original Lino Cuts


The arrival of five sons and George taking a career change in the 1950s meant that Flockhart Fabrics got tucked away in boxes and took second place to family.  On her death in 2006, Eileen left behind an archive of designs that, thanks to her granddaughter, Lucy Mackenzie, have now been bought back to life through Flockhart Fabrics. The designs from the 1940s and 50s fit so well into the present, with the retro and Scandanavian trends withe the simple hello blue and grey palette.


Current Prints – Flockhart Fabrics


Let me know your thoughts… meanwhile on with the colourful adventure……..

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