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Florence Broadhurst Embraces the Brooklyn Feel

As you may have seen in my post back in January on the wallpaper collection of Florence Broadhurst, Kate Spade has launched a collection of clothing and accessories in New York which utilise the flamboyant wallpaper and fabric print designs of Florence Broadhurst.

Creative Director of the Australian Company Signature Prints, Helen Lennie, recently went to New York to work on this collaboration and came back with a whole new colour influence for the Broadhurst range. Based on the brownstones of Brooklyn the range encompasses the colour of the stones, which teamed together with the Broadhurst prints make a beautiful collection.  Known for traditionally for their bold colours, this new palette certainly brings a more subtle and sophisticated look to the prints, and are certainly easy to think of a few spaces in your home to place them.

“The variety of stone colour, obviously from an array of quarries, intrigued me,” Helen Lennie says. “We love seeing these colours teamed with classic Broadhurst prints like ‘Japanese Floral’ and ‘The Egrets'” 

Brooklyn Brownstone Collection

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