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“Four Calling Birds” – Know your place!

calling birds

Ok…. I could not manage to lay my hands on any Calling Birds (completely sold out!)….. but I have hopefully made the next best thing.  Having married into a Greek family, Christmas is never a small affair, nor a particularly quiet affair ( I am told that they are just expressing themselves… but to me it sounds like they are screaming to each other!!) I guess that, like a hot Christmas that is one thing I will never get used to.  Anyway, to try and avoid an “expressive discussion” around where everyone sits at the Christmas table I generally make little name places.

Last year I had some left over air dry clay from a design and branding project I completed for a client and decided to roll it out, pull out the cookie cutters and carve in the initial of each person.  This was tied around the napkin, and they could take them home and hang on the tree. Perfect….. Oh and I got to use my little stamp set again.



…and a little bit of repurpose as this years christmas tree decorations….

Now….where are those Five Gold Rings?……

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