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Geometric Summer – Jill Rosenwald

In the midst of Sydney winter… yes it does get cold here… !!! I am now well and truly ready for summer to show its wide brimmed Dame Edna Everage sunglasses…. and what better way to bring a little summer into the home than these simple geometric bowls from Boston based Jill Rosenwald… just as fun as Jill’s introduction to herself….

“Born in NYC, Jill got her groovy crafty start at summer camp designing macrame wall hangings and leather bracelets. After getting caught by NYC undercover cops for illegally selling on the streets — Jill went legit and showed her ceramics at the ACC craft market in West Springfield, MA. She hit it big with her first client, Neiman Marcus. The operation was “just Jill”… using the pay phone to run the ops. But as orders began to grow she knew she needed her own phone, and so moved into the first studio in Somerville.”

Jill Rosenwald – Source honeysucklelife.com

Geometric prints are big for the season, but as a personal preference I prefer them in small doses with a little dash of mathematical print here and there.  Jill’s ceramics are a perfect way to add a little bit of colour and modern trend without being too over the top…. It is also the perfect way to grab a bit of Pantone’s Tangerine Tango!

Here is a taster of her work…. let me know what you think.

Jill also has a really fresh and simplistic range of affordable fabrics, lamps and rugs..

Loving the Scandinavian colour palette of Greys and Mustards in the Lamp below….

If you like these then you can check out Jill’s website.

Now the geometry lesson is over… on with the colourful journey……

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