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Get ready to Tango in 2012 – “Tangerine Tango” that is

Subconsciosly the colours that we choose are affected by so many factors.  Of course there is personal preference, but so much of what we choose, and why we choose it is affected by the world and society in which we live.  I am sure we have all bought an outfit in some far reaching colour because our favorite fashion store or lifestyle channel guru has filled it’s racks with what the catwalk dictates.

So, behold, what is colour for 2012?…… Each year Pantone and it’s committee choose a colour which they feel represents a “prevailing mood in a single hue”.    For 2012, Pantone have announced that “Tangerine Tango” will take that title. The colour was chosen by the panel as a colour which would fuel us with the energy boost that we need to move forward in 2012, especially after the tumultuous year of 2011. Arguably Pantone do not choose these colours as an indicator of what someone should wear, or the colour that they should paint their house to ensure they are with the times, but rather they announce these colours as an expression of society’s mood or attitude towards the year ahead.  That said don’t be too surprised if your favourite homeware, fashion and make up stores start to show a movement towards this colour.

So why are we “Tangoing” for 2012.  Psychologically it is understood that orange hues radiate warmth and happiness and are believed to  stimulate emotional strength when times get difficult.  It helps us to bounce back from disappointment and despair.  This is possibly because we link it to the sunshine and fun times!!!  Although interestingly enough it is known to stimulate our appetites, so if you are trying to loose weight it may be best to keep away!!!  This is why many restaurants and eateries use varying versions of orange hues to stimulate your hunger and keep you eating….

From an interior perspective it may be a little bit too much to go all out and paint your house orange, especially if you are a neutrals and naturals type, but to inject a little bit of “Tango” into 2012 you can add accents by the way of cushions, accessories, appliances, vases or even book covers.  If you feel the urge to paint, then how about the inside of a cupboard or drawer, that way you get a little burst of sunshine every time you go to the cupboard without overtaking you whole house.

You can add a little burst with some accessories…..

Wild & Wolf trim telephone, Ridley’s space hopper (unleash the inner child…go on!!), Penguin journal, Marimekko “Balso protective bag”

………. or you can get a little bit more adventurous with rugs, fabrics and wallpapers….

Cadreys Florence Broadhurst “Japanese Floral” Rug in Tangerine, Marimekko “Kevatjuha” fabric

Or what the hell….. you only live once!!!!!

What ever you choose enjoy the 2012 Tango sensation!!!!

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