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Getting The Most From Your Interior Design Consultation

When it comes to interior design every project is very different. It makes sense given we are all very different, with different tastes, needs, family dynamics, interests, experiences, cultural heritage... the list goes on. In addition, as we move on through life many of these dynamics change or evolve. Whether it be upsizing, downsizing, changing jobs, changing countries or a more spiritual change...... and while no one can predict the future, it is always good to have some idea of how the designs will uphold for future plans or intentions. After an initial call with a new or potential client, I usually recommend a consultation. This allows you to spend a couple of hours with me to use my residential interior experience and knowledge. There is no set agenda for the consultation as it is run to work for you. Whether you are looking for a full overview of your whole property, or you just want to focus on one or two areas. This consultation can involve anything from selecting tiles and/or colours, to looking at spacial planning and design. You may have a myriad of ideas and samples and just need someone to help you bring it all together or ensure that what you have chosen will work with the space and the function of the space. I see the consultation as one of the most important parts of my process and the foundation for forming the client / designer relationship. (after all when choosing an interior designer there is potential that we could be spending many months working together - especially on the larger projects). The consultation is ALSO about getting to know your designer and feel comfortable that they understand you. Ideally the consultation takes place on site. It is about walking through with the client and getting a real understanding of what the client is wanting to achieve, who the users of the space will be and how long they intend to be using the space, time lines, and budgets. Physically being on site also helps us to understand the environment, the access, climate and light which are all important factors in putting together schemes. GETTING THE MOST FROM YOUR INTERIOR CONSULTATION.

Whilst I will be guiding you through the consultation to ensure that I have a full understanding of what you are hoping to achieve, there a few of the key points that I ask clients to think about prior to the consultation to ensure that they get the most value out of it.


While you do not have to have every person living or working at the location involved ( which can admittedly sometimes be more of a hindrance ( to many cooks!....) this is the time when it helps to have key decision makers involved. It saves a lot of time in ensuring that there is a full picture of what is needed. Even if you have completely different ideas, one of a designers many skills is bringing ideas together😊.


Put together a list of everything you want to achieve or have a question about. Having a list ensures you do not forget anything. Even sending through an email to the designer prior. Even if the consultation is focusing on one particular space if there is something in another room that you would like some help on this is the perfect time to ask. Having a little note to jolt your memory means that it will not get forgotten as we focus on something else.


To get the best results, furnishing, lighting, access to name but a few need to work in unison with how you and those using the space live or work. If a room is designated for a particular task, eg a home office or it needs to allow ease of access to other areas of the property then all the elements have to support that function. We are also ever evolving in our needs, how we function today as a young couple will change once children come along and eventually leave the nest and we get older in age..... as such .......Think about your daily routine, will this be changing in the near future ?- will babies be arriving or will you be empty nesting? If you like entertaining, how do you like to entertain?, is it more formal dinner parties or relaxed BBQ and a couple of drinks?......Do you have or are you intending on getting a pet? do you have any special needs / allergies?......what do you love about your current space or other spaces you use that support the way you live and what do you find frustrating that hinders your enjoyment.....


This is hard especially given the post covid fluctuation of everything! However, giving a rough idea means that you are going to be provided with solutions which are closer to this price point, or at least given ideas on what you should prioritise on if you want to do it over time. For example, if you are looking to furnish your home, just have a think about a few key pieces that you need for a room and look at a couple of stores to get an understanding of the pricing.....


To ensure that I provide ideas and solutions that will work for you and carry through for the future I need to ask a few questions. Whilst they are nothing too personal, I need to know about your habits, hobbies, whether you like to entertain, your intentions to have children, will you be living in the home long term?...... I am not here to judge just to ensure that the house works in a way that makes it a home!


Have some images of what you like, these can be from magazines, or Pinterest. Providing visuals helps to ensure I have an understanding of what you like.... There are lots of catch words out there to describe a style but they can be interpreted in many different ways.... One persons interpretation of "Coastal" or "Modern" is very different to another's! The images don't necessarily have to be of interiors they can just be a piece of artwork or fabric you like. Equally visuals of what you don't like is just as helpful.


No matter how much we would like something, sometimes it is just not possible to hit a square peg into a round hole. For example, the colour of paint that looked divine in your friends house will just not work with the natural lighting in yours....... That extra wide sofa will not fit up the narrow staircase...... or your ideal floor plan may breach building codes or heritage restrictions. It is my job to help solve these problems or offer alternatives.

Last but not least ......DON'T APOLOGISE IF YOUR HOUSE IS A LITTLE UNTIDY 😂😂😂😂 - A home is to be lived in, I am here to help not judge...... and as I have rushed out the door in the morning I can guarantee Weetbix will be welding itself to the breakfast bar, the basket of laundry will not have miraculously washed and folded itself and ...... yes I can go on!!

If you would like to have a consultation or you want to see whether I would be able to help you please feel free to give me a call (completely obligation free) or send me an email or message via instagram .

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