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Great Ocean Colour Scene Part II – A Dash of Lime….Stone Coast

Birdcage Design - Limestone Coast Colour Palette and Mood board


Dreaming of fresh crayfish and a nice glass of wine? Nestled between the Victorian border and South Australia’s capital, Adelaide, the Limestone Coast is a region rich in maritime history, which it continues to celebrate.  Whether it be a little shack by the beach selling its fresh catch of the day, or vast tales of maritime bravery and ingenuity.

Once you have battled your way through the shell of the fresh Crayfish (fresh off the boat if you please), you can travel up to the vineyards and settle your thirst with a tipple or two.  The Limestone Coast is home to a vast array of wines whose flavours are derived from unique terra rosa soils, which coupled with the cooler maritime climate, create and nurture some of Australia’s most popular wines.  It would be rude not to sample!

And if that does not fill you up, will not find it hard to become a food groupie following the bi-weekly farmers markets around the region showcasing their fine produce.

Whist the main towns attract the tourists, they have remained quaint with the heritage properties of yesteryear. With little coffee shops, quaint homeware stores and antiquities along the way. And, if the need to walk of the excess should take you, you can be taken back to prehistoric times at the Naracoorte caves (that is if you can drive past the vineyards without temptation!!!)

So…… with colour in mind I used this as inspiration to put together a palette of colours and special finishes which could be translated into the home.

Basis for the palette…. So many of the region schemes are centred around either the cottage white look or the palette of purples and greens, no doubt influenced by the heritage, sea side and vineyards around.  I have continued to use the colours of the vineyard for inspiration but trying to look at what makes these vineyards so unique, that being the “Terra Rosa” earths and limestones, and the different seasonal colours of the vines themselves.  I have therefore centred the palette with more yellowy and rusty shades and accents, with ecological natural husk panelling and reddish limestone effect finishes. Given the cooling effect of the maritime air I wanted to warm it up a little…. perfect to cosy up with a nice bottle of Cab Sauv!

A little bit more information on the Limestone Coast…….

Where to stay……..

Merlot and Verdelho Townhouses - Penola

It really depends upon the time of year that you are going.  In Summer time Robe would appear to be the place to be making it very difficult to get accommodation until the end of the school holidays.  If this is your choice then you need to book well in advance.  It is a beautiful especially if you have a family as you have the beaches, cafes and are within an easy drive of all of the other major spots.

We were not quite so lucky in getting accommodation in Robe so we opted to stay in Penola, which is within the Coonawarra ( the wine region).  “Merlot and Verdelho Townhouses” are self contained luxury townhouses with 3 double bedrooms, and even a back yard and BBQ.  You are close to all of the amenities and Australia’s Newest Saint Mary Mackillop, should you choose to follow her trail.

Places to see……

The Limestone Coast is a vast area, so you will need a car to see everything.  Things that you should include are:

Australia's BIG Cray Fish - Kingston

BIG Crayfish – Kingston – Australia is pretty good at show casing what a town is famous for but the interjection of something BIG, and if you get the opportunity it would be an unforgivable offence not to stop and have your photo with one when they present themselves.  The Limestone Coast is not immune to this and has it’s own BIG thing in the form of a Crayfish (or lobster if you prefer). Allegedly the Shell petrol station across the road pays homage with a mean Crayfish roll.  They had none for our tasting, so let me know if they are any good!

Blue Lakes Mount Gambier

Blue Lakes – Mount Gambier – The blue lakes have formed in extinct volcanos in Mount Gambier. From November onwards the murky blue of the lakes turns into a unbelievable blue which almost looks superimposed.

Naracoorte Caves

Naracoorte Caves – If you are interested in a bit prehistoric history, they offer simple guided tours or for the more adventurous, adventure caving.

Where to eat……(oh and Drink!)

Fresh Crayfish from Lacepede - Kingston

For good old seafood you Kingston’s Lacepede Seafood on the marine parade is great for a quick pick up and go, nice and fresh.

Wynns Coonawarra estate.

Wynn’s Coonawarra Estate – Fab wine what more can I say!

On with the colourful journey…………

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