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Hand Made in France – Manon Gignoux

Parisian Manon Gignoux is cited as one of the many influences of my interviewee tomorrow. My curiosity got the better of me and I decided to investigate… and I am glad I did!

Gignoux describes her work as the meeting between clothes, body and decor, and as such creates unique hand made fabric sculptures, clothes dressed objects and accessories.   The result lies between art and fashion….. not a bad place to be!!!

I love the inspirational photo’s as much as the finished pieces.  I hope that you enjoy too….

Influences and Interpretation

Manon sites a number of influences in her works, the Portraits of Dorothea Lange being one where the wear and tear of the fabric that they wear tells a story of the experiences of the wearer.


source “iconic photo’s” Dorothea Lange

“The material and shape of the clothes can end up containing the story of a person, this is a truth conquered the force of look I am trying to deploy then by seeking past lives in the material traces that people left, not to make history but to imagine their memory.”
Manon Gignoux Studio | Paris

source Eric Valdinaire – Manon Gignoux’s Studio Paris

Manon Gignoux Studio | Paris

Manon Gignoux Studio | Paris


More of Manon’s beautiful work…

I love it all the textures and the colour palettes and the whimsical charm….. how about you, let me know what you think.

Meanwhile on with the colourful journey………………….

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