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Hand Made Sydney

There is something very special about an item which is hand made.  You know that there is a little extra love and care taken in it’s production and that every piece will be slightly different  due to it’s unregulated creation.  Any imperfection just adding to it’s overall beauty.

Here are some of Sydney’s little home made gems:

Tabitha Emma Patterson

Tabitha Emma Patterson is a Sydney based freelance designer and illustrator, who produces a variety of design and illustration work as well as handmade textiles.  Tabitha describes her art and textile work as “very feminine and youthful. There is an innocence about them that reminds you of childhood”. A lot of her work is influenced by birds and birdcages ( great choice!!!), and one of my favourite things a good old English cuppa!

(images sourced from

Tabitha also has some very cute vintage style illustrations that you may want to take a peek at..

Kristen Doran

Kristen Doran is a Sydney based textile designer  specialising in handprinted textile designs, sewing patterns, stationery, handbags and soft toys.   Kristen’s images are printed onto panel size, and are perfectly designed to be made into little soft toys, bags, cushions or other accessories.  There is also something for little boys with her Robot patterns and drummer boys.  I love the fact that Kristen creates little pre-made kits to get even the most novice sewers a chance to recreate the handmade look from doll kits to embroidery kits. My favourites are the little Russian matryoshka doll kits and the bunny kit. They are the greatest idea for stocking fillers for little and big girls alike!

Image of matryoshka doll fabric panel

Cut out pattern for matryoshka doll.

Image of bunny sewing pattern

Or for those who don’t need a cut out, Kristen also has fabric meterage.  The screen fabrics are perfect for you to let loose with your own imagination and creativity to create cushions, quilts, canvases…. the list goes on.

Kristen Doran - Winter Nest Panel
Kristen Doran - Hummingbird - Sky blue/olive


Puddin’head (I love this name which is frequently used in our household to refer to many…well…. Pudding Heads!!).  Puddin’head is the creation of Richard McAdam, a Sydney based artist and printmaker. They make a range of products, from tea towels to Belgian linen wall hangings with embroidered details(above), all of which are hand made and printed in Australia.  I just love the illustrations which are far too good to be used to do the drying up!!

The Finders Keepers Markets – Sydney

Above is only a little snippet of the talent in Sydney.  If you would like to see more The Finders Keepers Markets in Sydney are on in June (1st and 2nd to be precise).  They are on at the Carriage Works in Eveleigh and entry is free. For all those who are abit too far to travel, then the Finders Keepers website showcases them all and most have online stores.

On with the colourful journey………….

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