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Hanging Around – Pony Rider Style

I recently stumbled upon the site of Pony Rider, a Sydney based homewares and wall art company whose philosophy appealed to me.  I am a sucker for this form of descriptive storytelling wording…..

“Pony Rider is about celebrating the beauty in the ordinary everyday things biting into an overripe plum and in need of a soft tea towel cracking the top of a creme brulee with a hand printed napkin in your lap wrapping a pot of freshly brewed tea in a tea towel to stay warm curling up on cushions on the lounge to read the weekend papers using the ‘good’ linen for the everyday”

I found them whilst looking for an alternative idea for wall hangings and wallpaper.  This was after seeing a store using a large piece of sacking superimposed with vintage art work to cover a large warehouse style wall that they had purpose built for their display. (unfortunately my camera died on me before I got chance to take a shot).

Pony Rider HQ – Source Frontliners

Pony Rider have a selection of vintage style flags and have styled their fab quilts as wall hangings for their brochure.  I think that they look kind of good for that purpose.

I also love the flags, which could be mimicked with old chandlery flags too.  Perfect for a smaller place……

Also… how cute is this scone recipe flag, adding a little bit of nostalgia to the kitchen……

Or for something a little bit more permanent, these wall dots… from woodland to retro….

Or just snuggle up with the scones and the sunday papers on their fun range of cushions…..

Let me know your thoughts (they have an online store as well which is worth a peek!)… meanwhile on with the colourful journey……

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