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Happy Halloween and the Flight of the Toothbrush

You could say Australia has truly succumb to the Halloween tradition with the dollar shop devoting whole sections to costumes and decorations to create the perfect characters and atmosphere for the day the ghouls come to pay us a visit….. knock on your door knick all your treats…..

Our area has a really great tradition in that they issue every house an orange balloon to tie up and hang on your front door if you want to participate.  This is great for when the treats run out, you just pop the balloon and no more hassle…. oh except for one year when the fact I had removed the balloon did not seem to matter.  Word had obviously got out that there was good candy at this joint! I had to give the kids my husbands stash of fruit gums and raspberry and white chocolate muffins!  I was not too popular!!

BCD – Treat bags full

So the pumpkin is carved, and the treat bags are at the ready….. although I never quite get why you would say happy halloween!  Isn’t the point for you to be scared whitless???  Looking forward to which funny events will unfold as the ghosts and ghouls arrive.  One year a boy knocked at the door and said “I do not want any treats!”. I just happened to have a brand new electric toothbrush with the cartoon character Rory from Cars (still in the packaging) in the medicine cabinet…. the kid took the toothbrush and ran down the street so excited you would have thought he had won lotto!!!  I don’t know what took me more by surprise, a kid not wanting treats, or his excitement over a toothbrush!

2010 winner of best treat award in Sydney!!!

Happy halloween – What is the most unusual treat you have received or given?

….. meanwhile on with the colourful journey……………

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