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Hybrid design – Rachel and Benoît Convers

Ming Vase – source

Designers Rachel & Benoît Convers together with business manager Carine Jannin are the creative force behind the French design studio ibride. The word ibride is french for hybrid, which is a reflection of their furniture and accessories designs which aims to alter the usual perception of the objects that they design.  The results are fun and functional, and certainly create a talking piece.

Their most recent design is the Chinese Ming inspired vase, which brings the ancient influences of China into a contemporary, and practical, accessory. with a collection of bowls which stack to form a Ming inspired vase.

Available in White, Red or black. I love the block colour which opens up to reveal an array of plates and bowls with intricate designs, a little secret in the vase.

If you like these you may also love a few of their other famous designs, such as the animal character platters and the cardboard animals which double up as sideboards and shelves…. certainly containing that eclectic charm to give a little talking piece to your home.

And for those of you who prefer a little something for your wardrobe their scarves are well worth a look too, inspired by nature I love them..

Let me know what you think…. meanwhile on with the colourful journey……

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