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Interior Bohemia – From Russia With Love

From Russia with Love, Jan Kath

“From Russia with love I fly to you

Much wiser since my goodbye to you

I’ve travelled the world to learn

I must return from russia with love”

(From Russia With Love” Matt Monro)

Flicking through the latest coffee table magazines, my eyes were drawn to a rug from Jan Kath’s range called “From Russia With Love”.  In his usual manner Jan Kath takes traditional styles and exotic bohemian influences, and mixes them up with a modern sometimes psychedelic twist.  Jan himself likens his work to the equivilent of a DJ sampling in music, taking an old tune and giving it a new lease of life with an added beat or modern sound.

Jan Kath - "From Russia With Love" Rug

This rug instantly took me back to playing with russian dolls and an old Gypsy caravan we used to play in as kids.  The carefree and colourful style of the traditional bohemian cultures, which allow a home or room to move away from the perfection of a Vogue styled interior, to a more practical, fun abode. I mean if you dropped a few drops of red wine on this rug, yes you might cry, but would it detract from the aesthetic??

With this in mind I have put together a few styling ideas for the home.

The word “bohemian” once referred to a lifestyle, but today it tells the story of a type of interior decorating in which vintage items are reused, giving them a new lease of life next to new pieces. A good reason to upcycle.  It allows you to mix various styles of patterns, rich and bold colours as well as a vast array of textures such as velvets, and silks through to knits and crochets from grandma’s closet. To avoid looking a little to overdone and like an episode of “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” they should be set against a more neutral colour palette.  You should also not forget the true essence of a bohemian is to be a little bit “hippie” and “at one with nature”,  so don’t forget the plants and natural objects, also a good excuse to bring out the candles to provide a dusk-like glow.

sexy round bed

blue bottles

romantic boho interior

elegant rock n roll decor
rock n roll chic decor

Matryoshka Dolls

Otherwise known as the Nesting Dolls, they can be used in a whimsical collection way to bring together your family treasures and photos in a “nesting fashion”…..

Let the colourful journey continue………………….

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