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Interior Treasure Troves of Sydney – Fabrics and Textiles

The beauty of a blog is it also becomes my easy to access little black book of ideas, inspirations and places to go.  I am forever ripping out articles from magazines and jotting down names and addresses which just fall to the bottom of a dusty pile never to be found again when I need them…. Partially due to the onset of old age I am sure, either that or they disappear to the unknown void which holds many the odd sock!

So with an aim of keeping them in one place I have put together a directory of some of the hidden treasures and recommendations of places to go in Sydney.

Quirky and Fresh

No Chintz


No Chintz

The opening home page mantra “Sophistication, colour, texture, practicality, style and just a little bit of whimsy” sums up No Chintz.  They specialise in colourful fabrics, for the home.  There is something for every room, from the living room through to the kids rooms. The also run classes on how to make lampshades, cushions etc, or if you prefer they have an array of pre made items for you to choose from.  They also offer a helpful blind design and installation service.

I Just Love That Fabric

I Just Love That Fabric - Mexican Oil Cloth

I Just Love That Fabric - Mexican Oil Cloth

OK I cheated – based in Byron Bay this is a little way from Sydney but “I Just Love That Fabric” has a bright and colourful array of Mexican Oil Cloths.  They are really helpful and very quick to send samples.

Simple Bargains

Not every job needs designer or quirky.  For such jobs it seems silly to pay over the odds. But even if designer is your thing don’t be too quick to dismiss, if you are prepared to hunt you will sometimes find bargain end of line designer fabrics.

E&M Greenfield

While not as glamorous as some of the more boutique fabric houses, if simple cotton, linen or any general fabrics are all you need then this is the place.  This is a secret of many of the Sydney designers as it offers the basics at bargain prices.  One stylist was quoted as saying “This shop is like the Aldi of fabric suppliers – everyone goes there but no one says so”.

Bargain Upholstery Fabrics

Bargain does not necessarily mean that you cannot get quality.  Just as fashion houses pass off the end of the season styles to outlet shopping centres the same thing happens in the world of fabrics.  Bargain Upholstery Fabrics has many end rolls from some of the leading fabric houses in Australia such as Warwick.

A Designer Touch – For the extra special finish

Many of the fabric houses at this end of the market are open to the public but they do require that all orders are made through an Interior Designer/ Architect or Colour Consultant.

Chee, Soon and Fitzgerald

At the other end of the spectrum is Chee Soon and Fitzgerald.  They hold many designer fabrics such as Marimekko as well as their own home brand.  They market themselves on looking out for designs from up and coming designers as well as maintaining faith in the re-issue of original classic designs.  They also stock homewares and wallpapers which all help to add a splash of colour to your home.

The Elephant Room

Yes I cheated again, based in Brisbane we are a little bit out of Sydney, but The Elephant Room have an online store.  They are really helpful if you cannot find a brand or style on their website  just send them an email or give them a call and they will help to find it for you. The Elephant Room, supplies many of the top local & international design brands including Designers Guild, Florence Broadhurst, Cole and Son, Osborne & Little, Nina Campbell, Parkertex, Ralph Lauren,Sanderson, Liberty Furnishings, Mokum, Meridian, Warwick to name but a few, so it is a one stop online shop.  You do generally have to pay a couple of dollars for samples but they are a good size and fully hemmed so you get a good idea of the fabric as well as knowing that it is not going to fall to bits



Where designer and quality is what you desire then Boyac is a good start.  Housing many Australian and International designs.  It is renowned for really good quality linens, cottons and velvets.  Even the ribbon handled samples bag gives you an idea of the level of the store.  Unfortunately, whilst the public can browse they can only order through an interior designer.  But if you are going to invest it is probably good to work with an expert.

I love the chain mail style fabrics.

Well…. these are just a few of many feel free to add suggestions, let the colourful journey continue……..

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