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Lighting up the night is kid’s play!


As a kid I have to say that I was just a teensy bit afraid of the dark, my door had to be left ajar and I had a little ceramic toadstool night light, which come to think of it never seemed to work, the bulb always seemed to blow!  And that is probably why now I cannot sleep with the tiniest bit of light coming through… but that is not to say that the array of very cute night lights on the market for children, big and small, have not caught my eye. I thought I would share a few.

Probably suited to all age groups these award winning “memory” wall lights from Boris Klimik are designed to evoke your childhood memories, however unlike most balloons these ones will not deflate.


If you are looking for something a little more fairy tale then these magical lamps by Heico of Germany are possibly for you…sorry your child…. These lamps are hand made so no two lamps are identical…

Heico Bunny Lamp


And for those of you who need to count a few sheep before the zzzzzz’s kick in then this “lamby lamb lamp” will be perfect for you.

down to the woods lamby lamp

Or for a little toadstool magic, I love these little battery powered mushroom string lights from Angel Fish and Dragonfly, (these are perfect for an outdoor party where there little elves have not managed to get a power point fitted!!


Or for the night light that will grow up with you there is a wise owl from “Have You Met Miss Jones“, who is sure to keep guard over the monsters and ghouls that lie beneath the bed…..

have you met miss jones

Which is your favourite?  Sleep tight…..meanwhile on with the colourful adventure………

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