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Literary Sculpture – Alexander Korzer-Robinson

UK based artist Alexander Korzer Robinson creates these intricate and incredible works of art by carving up old and discarded encyclopaedia’s.  He exposes some of the illustrations and removes others to create the desired effect.

When I initially looked at them I had thought that Alexander had suspended the illustrations in layers to achieve his desired result, however the artist actually leaves the images in their original place – as they were in the original book…. Undoubtedly this would require some immense patience and skill!! It is quite amazing how well all of the images just seem to look like they belong together…. With the volumes of encyclopaedia’s, as we remember, giving way to the (more easily updated) internet, these sculptures are an amazing way to breath a bit of life back into these discarded books….

Here are a few examples…… let me know what you think.

Red Giant

“Red Giant”

The Boy's Own Annual, 1890
The Boy’s Own Annual, 1890

Gustav's Dream II
“Gustav’s Dream II”


Our Lady of Rivers
“Our Lady of Rivers”

Wild Sports of the World
“Wild Sports of The World” On with the colourful journey………

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