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London Scene – Dianne Goode

With the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee (now past but not forgotten) and the Olympics about to take place in the UK it is hard to get away from the London style and it’s iconic influences as the brits show how proud they are to be…. well British!!

When you think of London you automatically think of Red, from the postboxes, telephone boxes and the buses which are truly a British institution.

Old Street – Source Dianne Goode

Dianne Goode has created a collection of hand painted silk cushions which celebrate these London treasures, to try and celebrate the joy and splendour of Old London Town.

“Each design is meticulously painted using colour-fast paint and glittery embellishments; they are then hand crafted using rich and intensely colourful silks.”

Kensington – Source Diane Goode

A really charming way to add a little London into your home!

On with the colourful journey………….

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