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Magnetic Charm – Introducing Sian Zeng

As a child / teenager I was always told to not touch the wallpaper and definitely not to attach any of my AHA or Duran Duran posters to the walls covered in wallpaper for fear of damage. Well this fear of parents from the 70’s and 80’s may no longer be a worry with the Magentic Wallpapers of London Based Design company of Sian Zeng.

Established in 2010, products from Sian Zeng’s design company are known for their fairy tale style designs designs which have a magical charm. 2012 has seen them add to their range with a range of fun magnetic woodlands wallpapers which come complete with ten complimentary magnets to enable your child, or “your” inner child to get creative right away. The magnets compliment the wallpaper with a cast of characters and speech bubbles that you can write on. At about 250 British Pounds a roll it is not cheap, but you can get matching plain wall paper for 65 British pound a roll.  I cannot comment on whether it is suitable for those who have metal body parts or not!! Items can be delivered to Australia too – the prices are even quoted in AUD!

The Magnetic characters and speech bubbles can also be ordered separately so you can add to the complimentary ten or use them on other magnetic boards or surfaces.

And for those of you who would like to ad a couple of whimsical soft furnishings, these are not forgotten either. From soft scissors to Hedgehog Prints – very Beatrix Potter…

There are plenty more kooky items to check out on Sian Zeng’s website…. so whether you want to decorate a nursery or release your inner Beatrix Potter it is definitely worth a look, which is your favourite?

On with the colourful journey……………….

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