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Model Creativity – Kyle Bean

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”  Albert Einstein

What do you do with discarded eggshells?  How do you modernise Russian dolls?  Well these questions (incase they were concerning you!) have been answered by designer Kyle Bean, and from his responses it is easy to see why one his clients “Wallpaper” magazine has stated “Whatever the project and whatever the medium, Kyle always gives you that little bit of magic”.

Having only graduated in 2009, UK based Kyle specialises in designing a range of hand crafted models through to set design and art direction.  I will leave you to make up your own mind, but I think it is easy to see why Kyle has worked for a variety of inter national clients in projects which range from editorial illustration through to window displays and advertising.

Here is a sample of some of Kyle’s projects….and if you have a few moments to check out his website you will not be disappointed.

Mobile Evolution

 Mobile evolution above was based on the idea of the Russian doll toys showing how we have moved from the 80’s Gordon Gekko style through to the iPhone… there is also a little video if you have a couple of minutes.

Paper Suits – Louis Vuitton Advert

 Paper suits made to show case Louis Vuitton accessories (above) and a series of wood carvings for a 2012 issue of Wallpaper Magazine – the “Hand Made” Issue.

2012 Handcarved Portrats for Wallpaper “Hand Made” Issue.

But one of my favourites has to be the visuals used an article on Guerrilla Gardening in Cut magazine.  Using a play on softening the more aggressive conceptual view of the term Guerrilla….

And as an English girl, I have a little soft spot for his London 2012 FT Weekend Magazine cover… it really made me realise how much work and thought does go into these magazine images, something I am sure I probably would have walked past had I not stumbled upon Kyle’s website.

 So I will finish as I started, if Einstein says “creativity is intelligence having fun”, let your intelligence have a party…. meanwhile on with the colourful journey….

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