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Mural Mural On The Wall……

Britannia Royale Flag Wall Mural Vintage Wallpaper Design -

“If a job is worth doing then it is worth doing properly, if you are going to make a statement make it bold”. This has to be the Mantra of those bold enough to go all out for the Mural. No longer need walls be plain, hungering for a carefully chosen picture to be hung.  Rather, they, the walls themselves, can become that picture. Yes, it is a little more permanent than a print or oil painting, but hey you only live once, so why not go for mural mural on the wall.

Admittedly they are potentially demanding for space to sprawl out, and they are not going to suit all, but if you are bold enough to try… one thing is for sure you will always have a conversation piece for when guests come to stay. Not just for the living room, think outside the block for bedrooms, nurseries, kitchens and commercial spaces (especially for the business that wants to make an impression from the moment the client walks in the door). Here are some eye catching murals to whet your appetite


"Carpathes" design Minakani Walls

Minakani, is the Paris-based studio of Frédéric Bonnin and Cécile Figuette.  Originally the creators of textile patterns, having created textile patterns for well known brands such as Anthropologie, Kenzo, La Redoute, Le Sportsac, Oxbow, to name just a few, they have pushed these ideas forward to create walldecor.  In 2010 they launched their wall decoration range, offering custom size, made to order, exclusive motifs printed onto high quality non-woven paper. They are the perfect murals for those who enjoy the “whimsical”.

The designs are quirky yet simple, and unlike many designers who follow similar formulas, each of their designs have a very different feel allowing versatility of use. “Carpathes” the design above reminds me of the childhood story “Where The Wild Things Are”, I keep expecting the little boy and the monsters to come from behind the couch.

"Mosaic" Print - Minakani Walls

The “Mosaic Print” provides the burst of colour for those wanting to inject a little harlequin.  Or there is “Cloudy” below which is perhaps offers a little more subtlety for those are not quite ready to go all the way, or want to sink into the clouds while they sleep. Very dreamy!


Even the children can get with the fun.


Whilst the kitchen is not immune either, as the perfect place to host  some “peacocks”


For the patriotic amongst us…..

Vivienne Westwood’s collection of flags for Cole and Son.  The Union Jack being based on the actual flag recovered from the battle of Trafalgar in 1805.  Or if you are still wanting to hold on to National Tartan Day… then Vivienne does a stunning Tartan draped wallpaper.

Or go Scandanavian……………….

Scandanavian Wallpaper & Decor specialises in wallpaper and murals for all types of spaces.  Whilst they do specialise in custom made they also have a great range of designs for you to choose from. Ann-Louise Lollo Jansson, is the lady behind Scandinavian Wallpaper & Decor.  Ann-Louise started the business upon moving to Australia from Sweden having found a gap in the market. Anne-Louise is a true example of following your gut instinct with a business, having found that before opening her, many had try to dissuade her from selling wallpaper, there response being “Australians are outdoor people and do not care about their interiors”. Ann-Louise strongly believed the opposite to be the case, with many sheltering in their homes to avoid the extreme sun. In addition, she believed we are living in a world where people want to express who they are, not only via clothes and music, but also in the home.  There is a really fascinating interview on Daily Imprint several years ago ( yes I am behind the eight ball again!)

From “Evergreen Highway” to “Climbing” and “Graffiti City” (Above), to “Sitting under a tree”, or on a runway in the “Art of Flying” (below).

  Something for everyone and every room for those brave enough to indulge!

On with the colourful journey…………..

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