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Murobond Paints – Getting Creative With The Colour Style Book

Murobond is a boutique paint company based in the north of Sydney, they pride themselves on their “uncommon combination of creativity, intelligence and integrity”.  They predominantly produce a range of water based paints which are becoming more and more in demand with an increased focus on environmental impacts as well as the impact of breathing in the paint fumes on the individual using it. In addition to their core business they showcase Australian designer talent in their quaint showroom full of beautiful gifts.

Early in 2011 I was give the opportunity to put together a colour palette study for Murobond Paints in Sydney, for which I was over the moon to receive a “Highly Commended” Industry award for from Murobond for my creative use of colour.  Possibly it was this that gave me the little boost I needed to follow my little creative journey. The marketing contact of Murobond loves for little stories to be told as part of the submission, therefore we were required to put together some creative wording to sum up the palettes that were put forward in my book. If you don’t mind I would love to share….

Introduction and Inspiration

Autumn Breeze


“This picture took me back to my childhood where a brisk Autumnal walk was the family entertainment in replacement of the antisocial technological toys of today.  Where children learned about nature, or used the surroundings to ignite their imagination to play out simple games of “cowboys and indians”, “hide and seek” or “fairies and woodland elves”.  Where they fished, climbed trees and made catapults out of twigs and old elastic.

Nature has so many palettes, the subtle restful colours of a lakeside retreat or the drama of the elements so determined by Mother Nature.  The vibrance of the summer florals to the warmth of the autumnal leaves.”

"Autumn Breeze" Palette

  – – – Autumn Breeze – – –

“the freshness of the autumn breeze the warmth of the autumn leaves”

Mother Nature

"Mother Nature" Palette - Image by Rafal Tomal

“The extremes of Mother Nature provide much inspiration.  From the soothing palettes of a calm breeze, to the darkness of a storm.  From the whirl of the wind picking up the autumnal leaves, to the flight of the native birds.”

– – – Mother Nature – – –

“The colours of nature come through Mother Nature’s cooking pot.”

Birds In Flight

"Birds In Flight" Palette (image Dress by Alexander McQueen)

“The simple flight of the bird evoke palettes of many colours, mixing together with the flap of the wings. Ranging from the black and white of the graceful Swan, to the tropical vibrance of the Macaw.  The woody camouflage of the Tawny Owl, to the regal shimmers of the proud Peacock.”

– – – Birds in Flight – – –

“The flight of the bird encourages the flight of the imagination.”

Tall Poppies

"Tall Poppies" Palette

“Beside the drabness of a grey brick wall or a disused railway line pushes through the vibrance of a wild flower.  The Poppy stands proud with her vibrant red skirt flowing in the wind.  The Forget-me-not, so small yet, when joined together with it’s family shines a blue purple haze.”

– – – Tall Poppies – – –

“So proud Poppies stand amongst the neutral palette in which they grow”

Farmyard Chic

"Farmyard Chic" Palette

“So inviting is the warmth of the Aga in a farmyard kitchen, with the veggies fresh from the patch sitting proud on the kitchen table.  The chickens clucking as they lay their eggs for the farmer’s breakfast, or a cake served for afternoon tea.  The farmer sits in his old favorite chair by an open log fire with his faithful friend by his feet.”

– – – Farmyard Chic – – –

“So warming are the welcomes of a farmyard kitchen which celebrates natures offerings.”

Damask is the Rose

"Damask is the Rose" Palette

“So many palettes evoked from one flower, from dusky pink to a passionate red.  A vibrant yellow to a classic cream.  All emotions can be conveyed but…. just be aware of the thorn beneath the beauty.”

– – – Damask is the Rose – – –

“The roses beauty is closely guarded by the thorn.”

Natures Carnival

"Nature's Carnival" Palette

“Nature has an ability to meet every emotion from the elements, sunshine to thunder, from hot to cold, wet to dry, soft and hard.  Colour is no exception, with the bright pinks of the spring and summer to the burnt orange yellows of the autumn fire.”

– – – Nature’s Carnival – – –

“Celebrate the summer brights and winter warmths.”

A Summary

Colour Swatches of Palettes

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