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My Kind of Advent Calendar- Hendzel + Hunt

Hendzel + Hunt is a  young, very vibrant design studio based in South London in the UK.  Using reclaimed and sustainable materials they specialise in manufacturing and designing bespoke furniture and their own range, inspired by their location, “Made in Peckham”.

Using their background in engineering “Hendzel and Hunt highlight the origins of a product using balance, proportion, and composition to transform rough materials into objects of desire.”  There are lots of fab projects on their website, but given it is beginning to smell a bit like Christmas I thought I would show the Advent Calendar – now this is my idea of the perfect advent calendar.  This project…. aptly named “The Advent Calendar” was commissioned by UK store Selfridges for Christmas 2011.

“It contains 24 doors with lots of surprises. Traditional wooden locks, catches, latches, twists and turns. The piece was commissioned by Selfridges & Co to hold 24 miniature pairs of shoes and bags”

Yes… now that is what I call and advent calendar….Meanwhile I am off to dream about the shoes, jewellery, chocolate I would fill it with!!

On with the colourful journey………

#art #design #Upcycle #Selfridges #HendzelandHunt #furniture #MadeinPeckham #craft #Wood

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