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Nancybird – From Football to Accessories


Well the link between football and accessories may seem like a long shot but this is how the Melbourne based accessories label came about it’s name Nancybird….. are you sitting comfortably.

“The name “nancybird” comes from the work Emily was doing at university – her main focus was the way AFL [Australian Football] footballers looked when photographed while taking a mark – it looks almost like a ballet dance. The word “nancyboy” was bandied around for this uni work, but for the label nancybird was eventually settled on – it ended up being a mix of the nancyboy and “dollybird”, which is an old 60′s term for a cool lady.”

Well thanks to these “nancybird” football players ( not my words!), the label was borne and I love the accessories that have come about.  My favourites have to be the cushions which look like they have been hand painted, really unusual….. I also love the inspiration of the sea and nature.  Let me know what you think.


Lobster Cushion


Spotted Long Cushion


Scallop duvet set


Scallop Cushion


Fish Scale Cushion


Scallop Scarve


Handbags and totes


Grey Scarf Bag

Nancy Bird Bag from eclectia Geelong

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