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Neo Mint – Colour trend from catwalk to interior


When looking for inspiration for the next “It” colour to hit interiors, the trend forecasters look at what appears to be trending on the catwalks of fashion week, to trade shows showcasing technology and innovation.  One of the colours hedged to be big for 2020 is “Neo Mint”.  It takes the relaxed botanical green hues that have been a popular choice over the last few years, and gives it a bit a contemporary wake up call.

“Neo Mint” opens up to a gateway to a number of colours which are likely to be hitting the interior and clothing stores over the next 12 months, from more summery spearmint and aquamarine right through to a darker richer palette of emeralds.


When it comes to adding it to an interior look it can be all out or just a simple splash… the choice and budget is yours…….

Here’s some inspiration on how you can effortlessly incorporate this cool colour into every room in the home.

(Images sourced from Pinterest  via, @Thony, @Thony,, @Thony, @wikeep, @MOM – ARQUITETURA & DESIGN, @kitchen Studio of Naples, @Thony, @huskdesignblog @Trendbook, @kitchen Studio of Naples & @Homestolove)

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