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Nomadic Wonderland – Interior style you can wear

Eunsuk Hur, who graduated in 2009 from design school, conceived this amazing series of interchangeable modular system of textile pieces as a response to the way that plants and animals respond to the environments in which they grow. Called the Nomadic Wonderland, each garment can be pieced together in numerous ways, giving the user freedom to design and manipulate into a variety outfits and interior accessories, allowing them to adapt and change according to how they are worn or displayed. Just imagine being able to hide that designer dress as a wall decoration….!!!!

With so much pressure on designers to think sustainably Hur has certainly shown compassion for this need in her design, with the ability to continually “up-cycle” without loosing the distinctive Hur design.

Hur States that her “interchangeable modular system of textile pieces can be transformed by the user to create a new piece of clothing or interior accessories which promote sustainable design. Through playful experimentation with colour, shape and textiles I have created a product that can be altered over and over again”

 She expressly designs each interchangeable system of textile pieces to engage the customer and expand their opportunity for personal expression while still maintaining Hur’s original design concept. The outcome of her deeply considered garments are irresistibly touchable, textured pieces for wearing or using as a home furnishing.

Hur uses a variety of materials such as leather, e-leather bonded with cashmere, wool felt and wood so the user has more choice, therefore creating a greater range of products. Hur combines these materials with a variety of techniques, from laser cutting and various printing processes; such as printing on wood, acid printing on wool felt, etching onto leather as well as some clever handcraft techniques.

 On with the colourful journey………………….

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