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Once upon a time….. Fairy tale styling

Who said fairy tales were just for children, in the big bad world of chaos and seriousness would it not be nice to take ourselves somewhere else in our homes…. just so long as they have a happy ending.

Are you sitting comfortably?  Well let me begin………


Dutch design duo Nathan Wierink and Tineke Beunders describe themselves as a “Dreamer and a Mathematician” a combination which enables a wild fantasy to be created, but is kept fully grounded by the “mathlete”. “It’s a philosophy that seems to keep things from going a bit over eccentric, and tends to generate an alluring, yet graspable charm.”


Once upon a time….this fantastical duo were asked to design a room in an extraordinary 16th century mansion.  The house together with it’s beautiful garden are rich in history which  inspired the fairy tale instinct to emerge.  The rooms 10 pieces were based on themes from age old fairy tales and stories such as sleeping beauty, the princess and the pea, genie in a bottle and the secret garden.


Using techniques such as embroidery, glass blowing together with a natural colour palette and materials the fairy tale is told…….

If you go down to the woods today……………

… might find Grimm++ a collaboration of six emerging designers in the UK.  Based on the Bothers Grimm tales they centred the first theme around  The Tale of Little Red Cap (also known as Little Red Riding Hood). “Visitors could explore the tale through a variety of products and furniture, from photographic woodland wallpaper, with a grey wolf among the birch trees, to a bright red chair with a mysterious wolf-shaped shadow. The Little Red Cap collection allowed each designer to express his or her own personality and design talent under a coherent theme. With only one folktale down,they promise to create more….

Woodland wallpaper, “My What Big Teeth You Have” lamp, Bark stool

Woodsman Axe Coffee table

A happy ending with cute accessories………

Ourlieu Cushions

 Very cute woodland illustrations on the Ourlieu Woodland collection to allow you to bring the wildlife into your home, without the mess!!! Ourlieu (our-lee-oo) derives it’s name from the marriage of the English ‘Our’ and French ‘lieu’ meaning ‘Place or Space’. Despite the origin of it’s name Ourlieu is wholly Australian owned, and places it’s mantra on “creating beautiful, stylish homewares for any place or space”…. or perhaps fairy tale palace.

And they all lived happily ever after……..

And I could not end this fable without a mention of my favourite typography from French wall transfer company Harmonie Interieure. French couple Fabien and Frederique have a passion for typography and wanted to create a collection to, not only “decorate and harmonise, but also to send a message about your home…. your personal space”.  And I think you could say they have succeeded. Their site is well worth a visit.

On with the colourful journey…………………

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